Emerald Impact! helps building owners, architects, and contractors maximize their business and building performance through energy measures planning, project management, inspections, and diagnostic tests.

  • Lower Operations Costs
  • Increase Asset and Lease Value
  • Expand Market Appeal


Emerald Impact is a full-service Energy Consulting company in Southern California performing Green Physical Needs Assessments (Green PNA), and

Supporting affordable projects with LEED, Build it Green, CUAC, TCAC, Energy Upgrade California, Title-24 calculations, HERS I and II, and other energy services for the multifamily and affordable housing communities in Southern and Central California, including San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Imperial Counties.

Emerald Impact 'runs the numbers', providing a complete analysis, calculating both energy and financial benefits.

Emerald Impact is here to guide you along the path to “Greening your Bottom Line”™