Scott Riffenburgh – General Manager

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As a construction/project manager specializing in building science and engineering, I assess, plan, manage, and certify building upgrades for owners, architects, and contractors. I’m sometimes asked to provide consulting and expert opinion on matters involving construction management and sustainability standards of care.

On my projects, I often work with energy efficiency, sustainability, and green financing programs. The result: building owners create healthy, efficient and durable environments for their tenants and employees, enjoying lower operating costs and increased asset and lease value.

I’m super passionate about the value of applying building science to our projects, and have worked hard to attain a considerable array of credentials. Programs like CEM, BPI, LEED, and others involve most of the architectural and engineering components of properties, including building envelope (wall and roof assemblies, windows), lighting, mechanical systems (pumps, HVAC, water), and even landscape and hardscape. I specify these components for projects, and manage, observe, inspect, or test the installation of them. Quality Assurance is a significant activity.

Efficiency and durability influence which materials and systems we choose to install or upgrade. We create math models to calculate energy savings for almost every component of the building. Why? Energy savings create predictable positive cash flows, often completely paying for upgrades. In addition, there are many green financing and incentive programs that capitalize on long-term savings resulting from these upgrades.

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Lynne Mitschke

Lynne is a Green Rater for GreenPoint RATED projects and provides residential architectural support services such as design, review and management of construction documents, and permitting through building departments and regulatory agencies. She is a LEED AP, Building Design and Construction and is a member of the USGBC-SD Residential Subcommittee.


Jen Gagne

Energy Modeling, including Title-24 and Building energy efficiency for both nonresidential and residential applications